Where should I post videos for class?

Where you post a video depends on what you want to do with it. Wherever you post it, however, the same three steps will be common to all sites: choose the site, upload the video, share a link.

What you should know… How to Post How to Share
YouTube St. Mark’s is a “Google Apps for Education” school — everyone has a Google account, which also includes a YouTube account. YouTube (as you probably know) is one of the major streaming media sites on the internet.It. Just. Works. You can post directly from iMovie (or a number of other video editors), or export a video file to upload through the web.We recommend that you post your video “unlisted”, so that you have some control over who does and does not see it. Get the YouTube sharing link — you can paste this into a Canvas assignment or an email (or use it to embed the video in a discussion or wiki or blog post).
Google Drive Our Google accounts also give us Google Drive, a place to share all kinds of files. If you want to have more nuanced permissions for who can or can’t see your video, this is a great place to put it. You can drag a video file directly into Google Drive in your web browser, or put the file in your Google Drive folder using Google Desktop Sync (or you can click to upload a new file). Either use the Google Drive sharing menu to invite others to see your video, or get the sharing link — you can paste this into a Canvas assignment or an email.
Canvas You may want to post a “media assignment” or include it in the Rich Content Editor on Canvas and you can either record it using your webcam or upload a video file. This takes some setup ahead of time by the teacher. You can record the video with your webcam, or upload a video file through the media recording interface. The video will automatically be available to whoever “should” see it (the teacher, your classmates, etc.) depending on the teacher’s settings.

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