Where can I get a camera?

In this modern age, we find ourselves in need of a cameraman with some regularity. Happily, we have a variety of options at our disposal:

  • In your pocket. Almost all smart phones come with a pretty-to-good-to-really-quite-astonishingly-good camcorder built-in. Just, please… hold your phone sideways when you shoot your video!
  • All-in-one. You can check out iPads from the Library, and they make a great all-in-one camcorder and video editor, using the iOS version of iMovie already installed on the iPad. When you’re done, post your video to YouTube and return the iPad. (Did you know that you can get an tripod stand for the iPads in the Library? And you check to see if any are available by searching for iPad in the Library catalog).
  • Shoot professional video. Sometimes you want the higher video and audio quality from using a purpose-built camcorder. You can check out a Panasonic HC-V520 high definition video camera from the Library (and you can check availability in the Library Catalog). The trade-off is that you will need to spend a bit more time downloading and editing your video from these camcorders.
  • Action shots! Are you doing something crazy active (but, y’know… still safe)? You can borrow a Go Pro Hero 3+ from the Library (check availability in the Library Catalog).
  • Make a Hollywood movie. Mr. Kent has a cinema camera for use with his film and theater classes — if you’d like to learn more about it, how to use it and how to really make movies, he’s your guy.
  • Fly-over aerial footage. The Academic Technology department has a several small drones that can be used for special projects (and which require a qualified pilot or pilot training in advance). Check with Mr. Battis for more details.

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