Where are the school calendars?

The school’s “master’ calendars (i.e. the ones that you should trust if there is any conflict, dispute or other confusion) are in Google and are synced hourly to Canvas. There are four groups of calendars that may be of interest. Click the links below to view (and, optionally, add to your own Google Calendar) these calendars.

First, calendars by people who are expected to be there:

Second, calendars by type of event (a.k.a. “drinking from the fire hose”):
Third, informative calendars that provide context and opportunities, but not mandatory meetings:
Fourth, room reservation calendars:
  • If you need to reserve a room for an event, general directions can be found here.
  • If you would like to peruse individual room calendars, click the drop-down menu triangle next to Other Calendars in the left-hand sidebar of Google Calendar and Browse Interesting Calendars. Under the More tab, you will see “resources for St. Mark’s School”, which lists all room calendars.

iPad/iPhone note: If you would like to adjust which calendars that you already subscribe to on the web show up on your iPad or iPhone, follow the directions here. (Short version: set up the calendars above that you want on your computer, then go to https://m.google.com/sync/settings/ on your iPad or iPhone and follow your nose.)

I want to learn more about how Google Calendar can make my life better (for certain, highly-specific, definitions of the term better)!

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