Vehicle Reservation Process

Creating a reservation:

  1. Refer to the image below with corresponding step numbers in black
  2. On your computer, open google calendar here
  3. If you are on a mobile device please open google calendar in a browser ( and choose desktop view on the bottom of the page.  Don’t use the app
  4. Click the create button
  5. Title your event with the event name, for example “Varsity Basketball Game”
  6. Select the appropriate date and times for the reservation (please select a start and an end time)
  7. On the right, in the guest section and click the “Rooms, etc.” link
  8. To see all of the available vehicles for that time slot you can either type in “Vehicle” in the filter room box or scroll to the bottom of the list
  9. All entries that begin with “Vehicle..” are available at the time you’ve chosen.
  10. Those vehicles that are not available will not show in the list (unless you uncheck the Show
    only available checkbox)
  11. Click add beside the vehicle(s) you’d like to reserve
  12. To see the vehicle calendar click the “Find a Time” tab in the middle of the page and scroll through the calendar
  13. Type in a description
  14. Click the save button
  15. Click send on the popup that appears asking “Would you like to send invitations to guests?”
  16. Make sure you receive an accept response for your reservation
  17. To view or subscribe to vehicle calendars:
  18. Questions with the process? Call the St. Mark’s front desk at x6000 or email
  19. For more help with creating events with google calendar click here


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