Using Word to Get Feedback on Your Work

One of the most powerful tools for improving your work is to get feedback from others. And Microsoft Word allows you to get that feedback on your original document in such a manner that it is easy to separate the feedback from your writing — and to instantly make use of that feedback in your revision process.

Here’s an overview of the entire process .

Breaking that apart into its separate steps:

  1. Share your document with someone else (either as an email attachment or shared from your Google Drive).
  2. They open your document and turn on Track Changes.
  3. They read your document and insert comments and make any suggested changes (with Track changes turned on, any change they make will be highlighted).
  4. They share the document back to you.
  5. You open the document and review changes, accepting or rejecting changes (and you can turn off track changes and clear all comments at the end).

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