System Access and Managing Passwords for Students

The “St. Mark’s User ID“, also known as your Active Directory (AD) ID.

This is issued by the Technology department along with an email address.  The username is typically the first and last name of the student and the email address is the (for example John Doe= username JohnDoe and email is  

The password for this account cannot be changed by the students and is reset at the beginning of each school year.  If you are having difficulties logging in, please visit the Technology Help Desk located in the library and they will assist you.

The St. Mark’s User ID is used for the following systems;

  • Kiosk computers across campus (login with your user ID and password)
  • Wifi registration of devices (login with your user ID and password)
  • Email / Google Apps (login with your email address and password at, or your user ID and password at
  • Canvas (login with your email address and password)
  • WordPress (, log in with your username and password)
  • www2” (Weekend signups-used by students to register for weekend activities. The web address (login with your email address and password)

    Miscellaneous systems access;

  • NetClassroom-( This site displays students grades, schedules and provides the ability for students to register for classes. This site is geared towards parents and students.  

    The username and password for students is mailed during the summer via a welcome packet from the Academics office.  The Helpdesk should be contacted if a student forgets their username or password

  • Naviance – This system is managed by the College Counseling group (if you need access, Maria Galvin will get you set up)
  • Zendesk (Technology Help Desk) – The preferred method for opening a help desk ticket is through email, please email your request to, all requests must come from a valid St. Marks email address.   To log onto the help desk system, visit and select “login” on the top right of the page.  Here you can create a new password or reset an existing one, you must use a valid St. Marks email address.
  • Boardingware – Access to this system is managed by the Dean of Students, please contact Stacey Lee to request access.  This system by students to request overnight and off school leaves.  Based on the leave request, parental, faculty or both will be required. .  For more information on Boardingware click here.
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