So… what do people actually see when I make an announcement?

Since you don’t actually receive a notification for announcements that you make, it’s sometimes hard to envision what it is that other users are seeing. And, in fact, it depends a bit on what other people’s notification settings are.

A safe set of assumptions would be:

  • Everyone will will see a new announcement on their Canvas dashboard.
  • Most people will also get an email notification that includes the text of your announcement.

You should, however, be aware that the email notification is not identical to the announcement itself:

  • Any attachments that you have added to the announcement will not be included in the notification. People have to follow the link to open your announcement to see the attachment.
  • Any links that you put into your announcement will be included in the notification.
  • No information about which person posted the announcement is included in the notification.

What does this mean for you, as a strategic announcement maker?

  1. Don’t attach files. Upload files to the course Files directory and then link to them in the body of the announcement (here’s how). You can link to any course content and assume that those links will work.
  2. Sign your posts. That way people know who is making the announcement.
  3. Don’t worry that you didn’t get an announcement. Canvas assumes that you already know about it, because you posted it, so you don’t get notified.

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