Setting up Digication ePortfolios in Canvas

To use Digitation ePortfolios in Canvas, please reach out to Academic Technology for the initial configuration. Academic Technology will:

  1. Install the Digication LTI in your course(s). (Credentials can be found here)
  2. Masquerade as you (the teacher) to perform initial setup, including:
    1. Set default template creation options (students create portfolios from scratch, portfolios are not viewable by other users by default) — these can be changed under the “hamburger” menu by the teacher at any time.
    2. Set up the link to a Digication course (following the link in the toolbar) to allow faculty and students to navigate the same course structure in Digication as in Canvas.

At this point, the LTI placement is ready for use, and faculty can configure it as-needed for their purposes, including linking portfolio templates or changing view permissions.

Students and faculty will be automatically signed-in to Digication by following the sidebar link in the Canvas course. If students are added to a course in Canvas, once they have visited Digication once through that sidebar link, they will also “exist” in Digication too.

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