Setting up and Accessing Voicemail

The first time you access your mailbox the system will take you through a tutorial to set up your mailbox (passcode, greeting, name).
Your default passcode is 1865. Your new passcode can be 4 –10 digits (do not use # or * in your passcode). When you are making a recording in the voice mail system, press # to stop recording.

From your phone:
Press the VOICE MAIL key or dial 5000.
Enter your passcode when prompted.
From outside the company:
-Dial 508-786-4000.
-When the system answers,
press * plus your mailbox number.
-Enter your passcode when prompted.
-Dial your “direct dial number.”
-When you hear your greeting press , you will now be prompted for your passcode.

Press (P or 7) to Play your message(s).
Press (M or 6) to Make (record and send) a message.
Press (U or 8) for User Options (to listen to voice prompts for mailbox user options).
Press (X or 9) to Exit the system.
Press (0) to transfer to the Operator
Press (#) to transfer to an Extension.

(1) to access Unplayed messages.
(2) to access Saved messages.

Note: The system will automatically play the date & time the message was left in the mailbox before it plays the message.

Playback Controls:
Press (1) to pause the message being played, press any key to resume.
Press (T or 8) to skip ahead to the next message.
Press (#) to fast forward 5 seconds.
Press () to rewind 5 seconds.
End of Message Options:
Press (K or 5) to keep the message you just listened to.
Press (or 3) to discard the message just played. You may immediately retrieve a discarded message by pressing .
Press (P or 7) to repeat the message.
Press (A or 2) to answer (send a response to the person who sent the message).
Press (or 4) to give (send the message to another mailbox(es) or distribution list(s).
Note: After entering the mailbox number you wish to send the message to, press #; then after recording your comment press (X or 9) to send the message.

At the Main Menu press (or 6) to Make a message.
Enter the recipient’s mailbox number (or the distribution list number).
You may then enter the mailbox numbers of any other recipients or press # to end the destination list and begin recording your message.
Press # to end your recording.
After recording your message choose an option from the following Send Menu.
Send Menu:
Press (or 7) to review the message you just recorded.
Press (D or 3) to discard & re-record the message with a new one.
Press (or 2) to append (add to your message).
Press (or 6) for Message Addressing Options:
Confidential (cannot give to another mailbox); Receipt Requested (you will be notified if the message has been listened to); Urgent (will be the first message heard); and Future Delivery (choose date & time of message delivery). Press (X or 9) to exit Message Addressing Options
Dial 9* to add more recipients to the address list.
Press (X or 9) to send the message and exit the Send Menu.

Note: Press 1 to skip over a user’s primary greeting and proceed directly to the recording tone to leave a message

Press (G or 4) to change your greetings.
Press (N or 6) to record your name.
Press (P or 7) to change your passcode.
Press (L or 5) to access Distribution Lists.
(Add to, review, delete, or record a name for a list.) (Use list numbers 01-10.)
To send a message to personal List go into Making and Sending Messages and when prompted to enter the mailbox number, instead enter the List number (01, 02, etc)
To send a message to a system wide distribution list, add 2 zeros before the 2 digit list number, so system wide list 01 would be entered as 0001.
Press (T or 8) to go through the tutorial
Press (X 0r 9) to exit User Options.

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