Setting Gmail as your default email program in Google Chrome

Many people over the years have wanted to use Google Chrome as their default browser and Gmail as their default email application whenever they click on a mailto: link on any website or link within another email.  There are many Chrome extensions that have been made to provide this utility.

This Google support page describes what you need to do.  But here’s the quick rundown:

  • While logged into Gmail, click the Google_Handlers_button.jpg icon in the omnibox (URL address bar).
  • When prompted with
    • “Allow St. Mark’s School Mail ( to open all email links?”
    • select “Use St. Mark’s School mail” and press the “Done” button

Click this mailto: link to test the Gmail connection.  If it doesn’t work right away, close and reopen Chrome and try once more.

NOTE: This can also be done with Google’s Calendar page as well to handle Web Calendar (Protocol webcal) links.

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