Set up your wifi (so it works better)

Good day St Markers!

We wanted to let you know about some of the changes to the web filtering this year, and what you can do to ensure the best experience using the internet at St. Mark’s.

Set your Internet Proxy settings to “OFF” for maximum performance.

If your device is set to “auto detect” a proxy, then you’re not going as fast as you could be.  When the proxy is set to “off” your device makes an immediate Internet request instead of waiting for a proxy reply that isn’t going to come.

This settings change can help ANY device connected to the SM network, either wireless or wired… PC, Mac, Android or iOS.

If you don’t make this change everything will still work, it just won’t be as fast and responsive as it could be.

Below are instructions to verify your settings by device type. If you have questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the helpdesk.

Mac OS

  1. Open the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Network
  2. Select the WI-FI connection on the left (you should do this for wireless and wired connections)
  3. *make sure “SM-Lions” is shown in the wireless Network Name
  4. Select ADVANCED on the bottom right.
  5. Select the PROXIES tab
  6. Make sure NONE of the options are selected.
  7. *Do not check off any boxes on this tab, doing so can cause performance issues
  8. (Note: it is OK to leave “Use Passive FTP mode” checked)
  9. Select OK.
  10. Select APPLY.


  1. Open Internet Explorer  (IE manages all proxy settings, so do this even if you use Chrome or Firefox)
  2. On the top toolbar, select TOOLS then INTERNET OPTIONS
  3. Select the CONNECTIONS tab
  4. Then select LAN SETTINGS
  5. Make sure NONE of the options are checked
  6. *Do not check off any boxes on this tab, doing so can cause performance issues in the browsers.
  7. Select OK
  8. Select APPLY

iPhone/iPad (iOS 7 or 8)

  1. Open the main SETTINGS interface and select WI-FI
  2. Connect to the “SM-Lions” wireless network
  3. Select the Blue “Info” button next to “SM-Lions”
  4. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the HTTP Proxy settings.
  5. Change PROXY SETTINGS to “OFF”
  6. Select the “Wifi” button at the top and back out of the menus.
  7. Reconnect to the StMarks Network.

Android Phone/Tablet

These instructions may vary by Android version, but should be generally accurate
  1. Open the main SETTINGS interface and select WI-FI
  2. Select the SM-Lions network, and choose EDIT
  3. Check “Show Advanced Options”
  4. Change PROXY SETTINGS to “NONE” or “OFF” (depending on your version)
  5. Save the configuration and reconnect to “StMarks”

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the helpdesk.

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