Scanning a document using the Xerox 9302 or 8900 MFD

To scan a document

To scan a document to a file, choose “Workflow Scanning” from the main menu.  You will be asked to log onto the machine, you want to use your network ID (email without the and password (same as email password).

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If you logged in correctly, you name will appear in the top/right of the screen.  Select “Scan2ScanDrop”, if you are scanning a two-sided document using the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) select “2-sided Scanning” and choose “2-sided”.  You can scan mulitple pages of a document using the ADF and they will be saved as a single document.  By default the scanned documents will be saved as a PDF file named “DOC000.pdf, DOC001.pdf, DOC003.pdf, etc.”.  You can change the type and name of the file being saved by going to the filing options tab and selecting “File Name” to enter a new name and “File Format” to change from a PDF to a JPG or TIFF file type.


Once you have setup your options, you are now ready to scan.  Press the large green button to the right of the touch panel to start the scanning job.  Your file will be stored on the scan server on the network.

To log off the machine, select your name in the green box and select “Log Out”.


To access your scanned files

Windows 7 and Windows 10 users from your start menu enter \\scandrop\scans\Your Network ID in the “Search Programs and Files” or “Search the Web and Windows” box.  A new window should open up with your scanned files in it, if you are connecting from a machine that is not a member of the StMarks domain like your personal laptop, you will be prompted for your network user ID and password.  Please move/copy these files to your system or network drive as they will be automatically erased after a few days.

Mac users – from the finder window, click on “Go” then “Connect to Server”.  A new window will open, enter smb://scandrop/scans/YourNetworkID, click on “Connect” a new window will appear, enter your network credentials to access the server.   Please move/copy these files to your system or network drive as they will be automatically erased after a few days.

Scanning multiple pages (manually) or pages of a book into one document

Follow all the steps above with the addition of this extra step.  After setting your filing options, go to the “Job Assembly” tab and turn on “Build Job” and click on “Save”.


You can now start scanning your document or book.  As you scan each page you will notice segments being added on the display, once you have scanned all your pages/segments click on “Submit the Job”.  This will create a single document with all your pages/segments.


Be sure to log off once you have scanned all your documents.

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