Required Software for Windows

Where do I get it? What’s it for? How do I use it?
Microsoft Office
  • Download from the portal
  • Log in with your St. Mark’s credentials (Available in July)
  • MS Office is provided free of charge to all students while they are enrolled at St. Mark’s.
Writing (Word), presentations (PowerPoint), data collection and analysis (Excel)
  • For the most part, your teachers will guide you through any specific uses of Office for their classes.
  • St. Mark’s Microsoft Word App Guide
Web Browser
  • Free Download (and probably already installed… what exactly are you reading this with?)
  • You can download Chrome or Firefox for free, or you can use the pre-installed Edge browser.
Communication, research, publication…
Microsoft Photos
  • Comes preinstalled with Windows 10
Creating and editing videos
 Audacity Recording and editing audio

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