Project Management: Asana

There are, of course, a wealth of tools to support project management in the world. At St. Mark’s, a number of us have been using Asana fairly heavily for the past year or two. Asana is, essentially, a collaborative to do list manager, tied into group timelines and deadlines, with features to support attaching files, URLS and discussion to particular tasks.

It’s pretty good stuff

Here’s what they have to say about it on their site:

As you’re getting up to speed, here are the 3 most important things to know about Asana:

1. Track your team’s projects and tasks from start to finish

Asana helps you break down work into projects and tasks, so responsibilities and next steps are clear. You can also have actionable conversations that move projects and tasks forward. This way, you always know what’s coming up, when things are due, and have the information you need in one place.

2. See progress, hit your deadlines, produce great results

With Asana, you’ll always know where things stand without sending a single update email. You’ll get updates on the projects and tasks you’re following, and can see your team’s progress with Dashboards and Calendars.

3. It’s easy to use and gets more powerful as you add more work

It’s simple to get started and get your team on board in Asana. If you can make a list or send an email, you can start putting work into Asana (and checking it off). As you add more teams or more complicated projects to Asana, it will scale with you.

If you’re interested in trying out Asana with your project team, reach out to Academic Technology to get set up.

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