Print a roster table from FAWeb

It’s often handy to have a roster with a few columns for things like signatures for textbooks in the first few days of class. The quick and dirty way to get this (with minimal work) is:

  1. Log in to FAWeb.
  2. Click on the Attendance icon for the class for which you want the roster (it’s the clock/calendar combo in the Attendance column).
  3. At the top of the page, where it says “Show:”, choose “Specific Dates” (or click the mini-calendar if “Specific Dates” are already selected).
  4. Choose a range of dates that will either a) cover the dates you care about or b) create enough columns for your purposes.
  5. Click the Print icon above the list of student names.
Caveat: In many modern browsers, pop-up windows are blocked by default. This may mean that the calendar for picking specific dates does not pop up. Follow these directions (from MailChimp) to enable pop-ups for FAWeb in your browser.

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