People’s calendars are complicated… how do I find shared free time?

If you want to schedule a meeting with a bunch of busy people, one of the biggest hassles is trying to find a time when everyone isn’t busy so you can meet!

You can use Google Calendar to do this. You can get to Google Calendar through the toolbar the top of your Gmail.

Once in your Google Calendar, you can add a new event either by clicking the red CREATE button, or by dragging out a box (more or less) when you would like the meeting to be on the calendar itself.

I drew my event (1). Give your event a name (2), then click the Edit Event link (3).

Add a description to your event (and tweak any other details that you’d like). This description (1) will be the body of the invitation that everyone else will receive.

Shortcut: If you’re someone who likes the “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google search, you might want to check out the “Suggested times” link under Add Guests on the right side of the screen at this point.

Then go to Find a time (2).

You can invite other people to the meeting by typing in their name or email. Once they’re added, you’ll see when they’re busy, color-coded by person (it doesn’t say what they’re doing — just that they’re busy). You can drag your meeting around to find an available time, or type in exact details. You can even change the day!

Once you’ve got everything teed up, click the SAVE button, and (when asked) send invitations!

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