Outcomes – Rubrics – Mastery Grading (Maybe)

Let’s say I want to grade a paper using rubrics and I have sets of criteria with which I assess the introduction, the body, and the conclusion

Canvas calls each set of criteria an Outcome.  So we begin by defining outcomes for the introduction, the body, and the conclusion…

Click on Outcomes in the left hand course navigation menu. First we’ll define Outcomes (= criteria) for the introduction; notice the options available.

Once you’ve set the criteria for Introduction, click the New Outcome button and set the criteria (outcome) for Body. Do the same for Conclusion.

Now create an assignment. After updating the assignment, (or after clicking the assignment name in the assignment list) you’ll see an Add Rubric button. Click it and you can add new outcomes there and then to make your rubric, or if you click Find Outcome Criterion you’ll find the outcomes you already created. Click on the outcome and then click the Import button. You’ll need to go back and click Find Outcome criterion again, click the outcome and then again click Import….
Finally you’ll have attached three “outcomes” which form the rubric for the assignment (for Intro, body, and conclusion)

You could give the rubric a better title than “Some Rubric”…

Note that the rubric will be visible to a student who clicks on the assignment AND will be visible to you in speed grader

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