MathTypeThe St. Mark’s math department has more or less standardized on MathType as our office equation editor of choice (except for when we’re using Mathematica, etc., etc.).

Faculty who receive a document with embedded MathType equations should be able to view them with the standard Microsoft Office Equation Editor, however edits are not reverse-compatible and, let’s face it, the Microsoft Equation Editor is a miserable experience.

How do I get MathType?

Visit the Help Desk and they can install it (initially) for you, including necessary licensing information.

Gotcha #1: Microsoft Office 2010/2013-only

MathType does not (yet) support current versions of Microsoft Office on Mac or Windows. You can install both old and new versions (or just old versions) of Microsoft office for use with MathType and run them in side-by-side with the current versions.

Gotcha #2: Office Updates

It turns out that regular Microsoft Office updates seem to break some of the linkages established by the MathType installer, causing it to work less reliably. The best practice is to to re-install MathType after running installing an office update. St. Mark’s faculty can get a copy of the MathType installer here. There are three lyrically named files:

  • InstallMTW6.8.exe is the Windows installer.
  • MTM67h_EN (OS X 10.4-10.6).dmg is the installer for older Macs (running a version of Mac OS older than 10.7 Lion).
  • MTM67h_EN (OS X 10.7-10.9).pkg is the installer for modern Macs (and works through at least OS X 10.10…).

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