While you can access the site from on or off campus, the first time login in (it will create an account) must be done from campus (details below).

What is it? provides web-based training on a growing library of software and technique training courses for a number of areas: Microsoft Office, 3D, video, business, photography, web design, graphic design, and more.

Who can use it?

All St. Mark’s employees & students

How can I access it? and How do I create my account?

Go to will automatically create an account using your St.Mark’s School user credentials.

Going forward navigating to or will direct you to the website.

How do I get Started?

This video will kickstart your adventure How to use

What Can I do with it?

Get personalized recommendations. Explore courses based on your experience and goals.

Watch on your schedule. Access courses from any device—anytime and anywhere. Get the

app today.

Learn from industry experts. Stream courses taught by passionate instructors with realworld


Learn at your own pace. Choose from more than 5,000 on-demand courses from, and watch

on your own schedule.

Watch courses on business, creative and technology skills. o­ers more than 5,000

on-demand courses to help you build professional skills across a vast range of job functions.

Discover bite-size learning. All courses are broken into short videos, so you can focus on a key topic of interest. Microlearning, or watching small snippets of longer courses, helps you gain knowledge across numerous subjects. Dedicate 10 minutes each day to learning something new.

Quizzes didn’t end in college. Confirm your understanding using assessments, practice

environments and coding practice windows.

Learn anytime, from anywhere. Download courses to your mobile device to view instruction on the go

while you’re o­line. Start a course on a desktop device and finish it on your smartphone. Bookmark

courses on your phone and watch them on your computer. Get the app today.

Make learning social. Do you have colleagues with similar learning interests? Pair up! Choose a course, watch it and discuss.

Learn something new. On average, publishes 25 courses each week. Wondering what’s new

and interesting? Filter for the most recent using the main search bar.


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