Importing material from an existing Canvas course

In the destination course go to Settings in the left hand course navigation menu.

Then click the Import Course Content button on the right

Choose the content type from the pull down menu (in this case a canvas course)
Identify the source course using the pull down menu (you may need to check include completed courses), or the search box as shown 
Click Select specific content
Option Clicking Adjust due dates  will make it easier to adjust assignment dates by dragging in the calendar.
Then click Import.

Click Select Content
Choose the content you want to import. Do this carefully there is no easy way to undo this after you complete the process.
Click the Select Content button:
You’ll see …                                       
and then when the process  is finished you’ll see

If you click on Assignments in course navigation you’ll see a list of all assignments including those you’ve just imported. The Publish button is useful for controlling which appear to students immediately. Please unpublished  imported assignments until you adjust due dates!

Note 1: An assignment which is published in the source course will be published in the destination course when copied over, an unpublished course will remain unpublished when copied.
Note 2: Every time you perform an import of assignment(s) you will also import assignment groups which contain the imported assignment(s). You may therefore need to do some tidying – you can drag assignments between groups and delete unwanted groups. If you have already weighted grades by pre-existing groups then keep the pre-existing groups…

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