I’d like to put this on the website…

On occasion, each of us finds ourselves managing a resource or owning information to which we really need some significant portion of the school community to have access. At this moment, the question often springs to our lips…

“How can I put this on the website?”

Bear in mind that there is no the website. There are a variety of portals and websites, each designed to serve a particular purpose. In general, however, the problem can be grouped by who your intended audience for this resource or information may be.

We work very hard to make sure that members of our community are not asked to navigate between many different sites, but are presented with an integrated portal (or, as integrated as we can technically make it). To this end:

Please do not expect members of the school community to bookmark your resource individually.

Plan to incorporate your resource into existing portals.

Information for Students and/or Faculty

Canvas is the student and faculty portal. Within Canvas, there are Student Resource and Faculty Resource areas, which are the first choice for presenting this sort of information. These resource pages are maintained by groups of curators, representing a wide range of school offices — so coordination with the most closely-related school office may be your first choice (e.g. the Deans’ Office, Academics, Global Citizenship, C&E, etc.).

There is also the Resources menu, which contains quick links to often-used resources (such as, perhaps, your resource). Position on the Resource menu is dependent on both click stats and overall communication strategies managed  by Academic Technology.

If your information is for students and/or faculty, please coordinate your posting with Seth Battis.

Information for Parents

The Parent Portal is managed by the Communications Office and provides an integrated presentation of school-related information to parents. Our intent is to provide a clean, easily-navigable and searchable interface to all parent-specific school information in one place.

If your information is for parents, please coordinate your posting with Julie Nugent.

Information for the World

Sometimes we are providing a resource or information that germane to the world, or at least a broader community than just St. Mark’s. To this end, publication more broadly than our portals may be desirable.

The St. Mark’s school website is maintained by the Communications Office to provide a cohesive and consistent picture of the school, particularly for prospective families and our extended alumni community. As such, it may not be the best place for your resource or information — or your resource or information may not fall within the intended branding or message of that website.

If your information is for the world (or a broader community than just St. Mark’s), please coordinate your posting with the Communications Office.

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