How to Enable AD authentication on WordPress.

How to Enable AD authentication on WordPress.
• Email Helpdesk to request AD credentials to be added to the site.
• The Mini Orange plug in is enabled at the server level, but each site needs to be configured individually. In the request be sure to give the specific site name for AD Authentication
Once enabled:
• Any user with an AD account will be able to log into the site with their AD credentials
• If a user does not exists in the WordPress users list, miniOrange adds them automatically. The role assigned to these users is the default role chosen (located under to Role Mapping tab from the Mini Orange tool).
• Mini Orange supports assigning roles based on AD groups (i.e assign all Faculty the Editor role). This too can be set up under the Role Mapping Tab from the Mini Orange. Note, though that this set up is a simple “IF” logic and the first condition met is what will be assigned.
• Any user that is an exception (i.e all robotics students are subscribers,except X criteria) will need to be handled manually. For situations like this it is best to set a rule for the masses, and handle exceptions manually.

To lock down site for Logged on users only.
• Activate the plug in WP-Members. Once activated configure the plug in with the appropriate options (i.e. show log in form only for posts, all or specific pages etc..its very configurable).

• For a style sheet I am currently using I add this value to the custom stylesheet option of the plug in.

• On the fields tab, I remove everything but first name and last name. However, this can capture as much or as little info as the user wants. It even supports custom fields.

• In the dialogs tab, custom messages can be added for each event (i.e a proper message for blogs restrictions, requesting access etc…)

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