How do I import a video into Movie Maker?

In general, you follow the same process to import video from a camcorder into iMovie, no matter what sort of camera you’re using.

  1. Make sure your camera is turned on and ready to download.
  2. Connect the camera to your computer with the appropriate USB (or Firewire) cable.
  3. Click Import in Movie Maker and follow your nose.

When you import videos and photos into Movie Maker, they will appear in the Photo Gallery, where you can edit them.

Gotcha alert!

All of your edits in Movie Maker are “non-destructive” — that is, no changes are actually made to the files themselves (Movie Maker updates its own notes as to how it shows the original files to you). If you have edited videos in Movie Maker, you will need to actually export the finished video as a new movie file or post it online (which will automatically export it it as a new file that gets posted) to save your changes outside of your own computer.

You cannot share movie files stored in Movie Maker and expect to see your edits… and, if you delete the original files, you will also lose all of your edits.


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