How do I enter grades and comments?

At the end of each window, grades are posted via FAWeb. To do this, point your browser to:

Your login for FAWeb is the same as for Lion Hub (if you know that login) and is the same as your original email login (unless you’ve already changed your FAWeb/Lion Hub password — you can do this on Lion Hub). Log in to FAWeb with only the username portion of your email address (josephburnett, not

Once in FAWeb, make sure you’re in the right year and then…

Enter Grades

  1. Click on the name of your class in the My Classes list – If your class does not appear in My Classes List click on the pull down menu for gradebook (on the green bar near the top of the screen) and choose “Enter grades by class”.
  2. After double-checking that you are in the proper marking column (top left, right under the Gradebook title) for the period W1 for Window 1, etc.…
  3. …Enter the grades for each student as letters.
  4. Click the “W1 Grade Not Ready” column header (or whatever marking period it is) and a pop-up window will appear that allows you to mark the column as ready.

Caveat: on many modern browsers, pop-ups are blocked by default — which means that the Settings pop-up might not appear. Check out these directions (from MailChimp) for fixing that.

  1. Click Save (top-right corner).
  2. Choose the matching Effort marking column from the marking column menu (E1 for W1, etc.)
  3. Wash, rinse, repeat for the effort grades (M for minus, S for satisfactory, P for plus), including marking them ready to post and saving!

But wait, I hear you cry, what about S1, C3 and other marking columns that don’t fit your window pattern? S marking columns are for Semesters, and the grade entered in them is the cumulative grade for that semester. C3 is the cumulative grade for the student at the end of Window 3, to that point in the year. M is for midterm, F is for final, Y is for year (cumulative grade).

Enter Comments

Some background, first: historically, FAWeb had a poor track record on disrupting comment entry and causing folks (who had not clicked save with sufficent frequency) to lose scads of work. Bitterness and misery ensued. As a result, many faculty choose to write their comments in a word processor and then paste them into FAWeb. And many folks find that working in a regular word processor also gives them more freedom and flexibility to write. FAWeb has gotten much, much, much better about autosaving people’s work, and no one has lost work to FAWeb in quite a few years.

However, should you choose to write your comments outside of FAWeb, know that when you paste them into FAWeb, you will also be pasting in whatever formatting cruft comes from the source word processor, and — especially in the case of Microsoft Word — this can cause your comments to look like they were formatted by a demented gerbil hopped up on Comic Sans. These directions assume that you want to avoid such an outcome.

  1. Write your comments (optional: as noted above, some people choose to write their comments outside of FAWeb and to paste them in).
  2. Log in to FAWeb, as for grades.
  3. Click on the name of your class to enter the class gradebook.
  4. Click on cell for the student for which you want to enter your comment in the marking column of interest (W1 for Window 1, S1 for Semester 1, etc.) — pay attention to the reminders from the Academics Office before each marking period!
  5. Click the Edit comments button (top-right of the gradebook window) and a pop-up will appear.

Caveat: on many modern browsers, pop-ups are blocked by default — which means that the Settings pop-up might not appear. Check out these directions (from MailChimp) for fixing that.

  1. Enter your comments (or paste them in, if you already wrote them).

Pro tip: if you are pasting in comments and want to avoid the gerbil cruft formatting issues, you can either save your comments as a text file and then copy and paste from that text file (which has no formatting) or you can, on a Mac, copy and then paste-and-match-style (under the Edit menu, with the keyboard shortcut command-shift-V), which strips all formatting from whatever you’re pasting.

  1. You can scroll through the students in the class by clicking the left and right arrows next to the student name at the top of the pop-up window.
  2. Click Save and Close to close the pop-up when you’re done.
  3. Click Save on the gradebook, to actuate suspenders-and-belt mode.

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