How do I embed a widget in Canvas?

What is it? is a handy little tool for pushing out notifications to students and families. It allows students to receive notifications as a texts, notifications from the app, or emails. While I’m not 100% sure that it’s any more effective or useful than the built-in Canvas notifications, it does allow you to set up text notifications (probably — depends on student compliance!) for a single class without asking students to turn them on for every class. Plus, it looks cute. And you aren’t on the hook for actually knowing any student cell numbers.

How do I link it to Canvas?

Essentially, you need to share a “join” code with students so that they can sign up for your reminders on provides a number of ways to do this, but they all amount to the same thing: the student has to click or text a particular code in a particular place and then they’ll get notified when you send an alert.

In Canvas, one appealing way of doing this is to embed a widget that not only gives students a link to the receive the notifications, but also shows recent notifications in situ. Unfortunately, the embed code provided by won’t embed in Canvas. This is because is crazy pants and wants you to embed a script snippet (wildly unsafe — this is how websites get hacked!).

Convert the script snippet gives you into an iframe you can paste into Canvas:

Once you have converted the embed code, you can paste it into the HTML editor in Canvas.

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