How do I edit a video in iMovie?

Once you have imported all of your source footage into iMovie (both what you’ve shot and any other source footage you may be using), you need to create a new Project.

  1. Create the new movie project.
  2. Select the video clips (or parts of clips) that you want to use, one at a time…
  3. …and arrange them in order in your project timeline.
  4. If you’d like to have transitions between clips (like a fade-out or a “wipe” — think Star Wars), you can add transitions by dragging them on to your movie project timeline.
  5. Perhaps you’d like to add a title at the start, or credits at the end of the movie (“titles” are technically any text that you’re adding, including subtitles), by dragging them on to your project timeline.
  6. …or even some record some narration or drag sound effects or background music on to your project timeline.

By now, your video is probably almost done. It would be a good idea to play it back to see how it looks.

If everything looks good, you can get ready to share your finished product, either by exporting the finished movie file or by posting it online (there are a lot of different ways to share videos, so choose the one that works best for this project).

Gotcha alert!

You should be very aware that your movie project in iMovie is not a “real” movie file until you export it or post it online (which will automatically do the exporting bit for you). You cannot share iMovie project files as email attachments, because those project files are really just scripts, that describe how all of the video clips, audio files, transitions, titles, and whatnot fit together — but none of those clips or files or transitions are actually a part of the project file.

You will find, as you make more videos, that video projects take up a lot of disk space. Once a project is complete, it may be worth deleting your original footage (so long as you have a safe copy of the final movie file on your hard disk or online) to free up space. But remember: once you delete your footage or your project file, the only way you will be able to make edits to your movie project is to reimport the final movie file as a new video clip and, essentially, start over again.

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