Guided Presentation of a Long Text

One thing that is often tricky is to present a long, complicated text to a group. The general guidance most people have received about presentations slides is normally something pretty simplistic like “no more than six bullet points per slide, no more than six words per bullet point.”

If you like to view your presentations as a sudoku puzzles, then this works for you. But rules were made to be broken: of course you’re going to need to present a big chunk of text. And of course you want to focus people’s attention on a particular word, phrase or sentence. Take this as an example:

How is this done? It’s a simple sequence of slides with exactly the same text layout, but a different phrase or sentence “highlighted” in each slide. On PowerPoint and Keynote, you can add a smooth dissolve transition between each slide (an option not available in Google Slides).

Highlighting a long text

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