Gradebook Setup as we begin Window 2

As we move into the second window there is one key strategy to bear in mind –


Each Assignment Group should belong to at most one window.
(An assignment group for a mid-year assessment might not belong to any window.)
If one or more Assignment Group contains assignments from both window 1 and window 2 say, it will be difficult to generate a grade for window 2.
So, in general, whatever categories you’ve been using during window 1, you should now create corresponding categories for window 2. (There may be Groups you won’t replicate or new Groups relating to new forms of assessment in window 2)
The title of an Assignment Groups should reflect any association with a particular window.
If you need to change titles for the groups you’ve used so far this is easy to do.
Let’s say you’ve just been using the default Assignments Group so far:

Mouse over the gray bar and you’ll see a pencil
Click on the pencil and you’ll be able to change the title of the Assignment Group.
Then click “Update”.
For a comprehensive approach to setting up your gradebook please see


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