Got mail!

Okay, you’ve just opened a message in your inbox.

    Here’s what you can do with it:

    1. Use this checkbox and its pull down menu to select multiple items “All”, “unread”
    2. ARCHIVE – the item will be removed from your inbox. It can easily be found by searching for a keyword. Since you have lots of storage, you can ARCHIVE messages which you formerly might have trashed, 
    3. Mark item as SPAM
    4. Send item to TRASH. Trash is automatically deleted after 30 days. Note. If you select a conversation, clicking the TRASH button will send all messages in the conversation to trash. To perform actions on individual messges expand the conversation and use the drop down menu for that message.
    5. MOVE TO… Essentially allows you to move items to a chosen label (read “folder”). Items you move will no longer appear in Inbox.
    6. LABEL Create a new label. Apply a label to an item. When the label is applied you will be able to see the item in the relevant folder, but the item will also still appear in the Inbox. You can apply more than one label to a message eg “Advisees” and “Parent Communication”

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