Google Drive and Canvas

Canvas and Google Apps are integrated — that is, they play (fairly) nice together. Which is good!

What do I need to do to use this?

First off, to use this integration you will need to give permission to it to access your Google Apps account. What this means is: the first time you try to do something with it (e.g. turn in an assignment or link to a file), you will get a window that looks like this:

Note two things about this:

  1. To turn in a a file from Google Drive, you need to go to the Google Drive tab when you are submitting an assignment.
  2. The Authorize button is discreetly hidden at the bottom of the screen. Mr. Battis thinks it’s hard to find. Click the green button and then give permission when Google Apps asks!

What can I do with this?

In Canvas, when you may see a Google Drive link in your course sidebar, which provides access to your files from within Canvas. But this is just the tip of the iceberg! In addition:

  • When students turn in work online in Canvas, you have the option of turning in a Google Drive file (instead of a file from your computer). This will turn in a snapshot of the current version of your file in Google Drive. If a student makes edits “after the fact”, they will need to resubmit that file.
  • When teachers link to files in modules (or anywhere they might link to a Canvas file), they can link to a Google Drive file using the “External Tools” option and then going into their Google Drive.
  • Teachers can create collaborative Google Docs, Sheets and Presentations in Canvas under collaborations, with the ability to just tick off which students (or groups) in the class can have access to which collaborative document.
  • Teachers can even create assignments based on Google Docs, Sheets and Presentations that students use as templates and turn-in their own edited, updated copies.

Canvas, of course, has lots more details online in the Canvas Guides.

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