Event Request Process (Requestor view)

The following post will describe the Event Request Process that is used at St. Mark’s for FLIK, Custodial, Security, Audio Visual, Security and Door Lock support

How do I submit a request

To submit a request please go here. There is a user name and password assigned to your team. If you don’ t have one please contact the helpdesk.

How do I fill out the Event Request Form?

Fill out each section of the form. Play close attention to the following sections

  • Difference between a new and updated ticket
    • A new ticket will send a request for approval to each performing group selected in your form
    • An updated ticket will only send a request for approval to those groups who you choose to. This is done by selection “yes” in the “has anything related to <<group>> changed” questions.
    • You will be able to validate who your request will be sent to before submitting by checking the section in red at the bottom of the form labelled “Submitting this form will send an email notification to the following groups “
  • Can I use attachments?
    • Yes there is a section at the end of the form to attach up to 2 files less than 5MB in size.
  • How will performing groups be notified?
    • Each performing team selected in the form will receive an email notification and be prompted to approve or decline the request. Upon doing so you as the performer will receive an email notification of their respective response(s).
  • It is the submitter’s responsibility to ensure that all requests have been seen by the performing groups. If no response is received a follow up email or phone call should be made

How do I search my email for Approvals?

To search for any approvals or denials that have come in you will first need your ERF number. You can find this in the subject line of your request submission confirmation email.

  • If you go into your email and click the down arrow next to the magnifying glass (see figure below)
  • In the subject field paste the letters
    “ERF Request:” followed by the request number (ex.
    ERF Request: 15123897 )
  • This will bring back all requests related to that submission.
  • The one on the top will be the most recent.
  • Make sure the approvals come after any updates you have submitted.

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