Creating differentiated assignments for groups of students

As we teach classes, it is sometimes useful for students of like interest, preparation or aptitude to be grouped together to get differentiated assignments and assessments, within the structure of the same course. (Periodically two sections meet during the same color block and are grouped under the same course, and we can also differentiate assignments by section — or even individually.)

We can start by creating a new group set and then creating group(s) and assigning students to those groups. Note that not every student needs to be assigned to a group!

Now we can create assignments that are assigned to a particular group. The trick here is that the assignments must be:

  1. Graded. (This won’t work for ungraded assignments — although you could make it a zero-point assignment or check the “Do not count this assignment towards the final grade” box.)
  2. A group assignment. (This makes the groups available for differentiated assignments.)

For example, here is an assignment that is given to only my “Test Takers” group. Note that I have made it a group assignment but have also checked “Assign Grades to Each Student Individually” so that I can give students their own grades.

Having created this assignment and assigned it to a group, I can now see which group it is assigned to in the calendar view, to boot!

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