Compress Gradebook Columns… Less Scrolling!

Okay, I’d like to hide all the columns from W1, say. I can’t do this in Canvas right now (Please ME TOO! this feature request) but I can compress columns and reduce the amount of scrolling. (Note this changes teacher view only and only in the browser in which you compressed the columns)

In your gradebook choose “Arrange by columns due date” in the cog wheel pull down menu

Move your mouse to the edge of the column header for the last W1 assignment. The cursor changes to a crosshairs with horizontal arrows as shown. Now drag to the left as shown
The columns should start to be compressed…

so continue dragging all the way left and you get…

A nice feature is that if you mouse over one of these squished boxes the assignment title and grade pops up as shown.

WARNING: If you later want to uncompress these columns, you’ll need to do this one column at a time….

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