BYOD Overview

To ensure that all students have equitable access to the tools they need to pursue their studies St. Mark’s requires each student to have a laptop computer, either a Mac or a Windows PC, but not a Chromebook, as Chromebooks do not support some desktop applications used in our classes. By ensuring that all students have comparable devices, the school better supports instruction in the classroom, allowing faculty to plan for predictable and reliable access to technological tools throughout the curriculum.

Required Laptop Specifications

The table below gives minimum requirements. In general newer computers will provide better usability over the course of a student’s time at St. Mark’s.

Apple PC
Model: Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Major brands such as Dell, HP etc may have better reliability and warranties
Operating System: Mac OS 11 Big Sur or newer Operating System: Windows 10 or 11
Ram: 8GB Ram: 8GB
Hard Drive: We recommend at least 256GB. Larger is better Hard Drive: We recommend at least 256GB. Larger is better 

Recommended Peripherals

  • Wired Ethernet port adapter (We recommend a wired Ethernet connection to alleviate any potential WiFi congestion.)

Other suggested peripherals

  • USB Thumb Drive
  • USB External hard drive (For backing up your important data)

Required Software for Mac OS

Required Software for Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

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