All those little link icons!

Lots of things are posted to Canvas. Including files. And the links to files come up with some cryptic symbols next to them.

Here’s how to decode them:

  • Download If you click the name of a file, that file will be downloaded to your computer’s downloads folder. The location varies, but — out of the box — on new Macs and Windows computers there should be a shortcut to Downloads visible in the sidebar of Finder/Explorer windows.
  • Preview A preview will appear in the web page that you’re looking at — no download! — this is a great option to take a quick look at something right now. (Mr. Battis loves this one!)
  • New Window If the file is something that your browser can display “natively” (an HTML file, an image, maybe a PDF — it depends on the browser), this will open a new window or tab and display the file.

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