Accessing the Virtual Desktops

The computer science and robotics labs run on virtual desktops — that is, the “computers” that you log in to are just clients for a large server that provides everyone with their applications (and processing power). Conveniently, you can log in to these desktops from any computer. Any where.

Point your web browser at:

When the page loads, you can either download a client application from your computer (once installed, select “add a new connection” and point it to or you can simply log in to the desktop through your browser. (Note: you will experience the BEST performance when using the downloaded application to access the virtual desktop)

Log in with your St. Mark’s username and password.

Import Things to Remember

These desktops are set up for use by the computer science and robotics classes. There are a limited number of desktops available at any given moment, and classes in session have top priority.

Please do not log in to the virtual desktops remotely during the school day.

All of the information on these desktops is destroyed when you log out. SAVE YOUR WORK TO GOOGLE DRIVE.

Always save your work to your GOOGLE DRIVE.

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