Accessing an Advisee’s Canvas page

You can now access your advisees’ canvas pages, using a special login for each advisee.

Go to the Courses menu pull down menu – If you cannot immediately see the [Your name] Advisory Group course click on View All or Customize

Now if you click the star beside [Your name] Advisory Group course the course will be favorited and will show up immediately in the pull down menu

Now click on the course name to get into the course

Click on Pages and the left hand course navigation menu and you’ll see a page with logins which allow you to access Canvas to observe each of your advisees


Now log out of Canvas (since you are logged in as a teacher) and login as
advisorkyunglee for instance. You’ll then see your advisee’s (Kyunglee’s) Canvas site.

Even more… to be confirmed

In communication preferences you can set what notifications (e.g. grade changes) are forwarded to
 the email address

Use gmail filters….

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